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The department bears the responsibility to dispose off the following works of the Colleges affiliated and recognized by Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad at the level or Primary, Secondary (6-12),  affiliated Sanskrit School and Degree Colleges.

  1.   Inspection of School/Colleges
  2. Inspection of duties of teacher and other employees of Schools and Colleges.
  3. Disposal of Financial Matters.
  4. Maintenance and Distribution of the grant received for the payment of the Salary for the Employees of Schools and Colleges.

Head of the Department      Department  of  Education (Secondary Education)
No. of Projects/Schemes
(1)Vocational Education
(2) I.C.T
(3) Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan
(4) Savitribai Fule Balika Shiksha Madad Yojna
(5) Mid- Day Meal
(6) Kendra Puronidhanit Yojna
(7) Inspir Award Yojna
(8) Scholarship

  2. Vocational Education:

Under the schemes of vocational education, the students of Class 11-12 are to provide the practical knowledge of following trades:-

  1. Photography (2) Automobile (3) Typing (4) Dress Designing (5) Handicraft

(6) Radio & T.V (7) Printing (8) Food Preservation

  1. I.C.T:

The students of 20 Govt. and Aided Colleges are being provided the brain knowledge of computer education.

  1.  R.M.S.A:

All the children of age group of 14-18 are to be enrolled up to 2017. The stay of these children up to 2020 and 5 (Five) Model Schools have been granted in our district.

  1. Savitribai Fule Balika Shiksha Madad Yojana:

 According to this scheme, the girls studying in class XI, who bear BPL/ Antyodaya cards are given Rs. 15000/- and a Bicycle in the first year. In the second year in class XII Rs. 10000/- are sent directly in their bank account.

  1. Mid Day Meal:

This scheme has been started in 30 (thirty) schools of the district for the classes of VI to VIII.

  1. Kendra Puronidhanit Yojana:

The girls studying in class IX(Schedule Caste and the girls who have passed class VIII from KGBV) are provided benefit  at the age of 18 years.

  1. Inspired Award Scheme:

The meritorious students who have deep aptitude in Science are given Rs. 5000/- as aid to prepare models etc. For every school.

  1.  Pre Metric/ Post Metric Scholarships:

The students who apply for scholarship of the (Poor/Low Income) classes are given Rs. 480/- for VI – VII, Rs 720/- for IX - X and Rs. 1400/- for XI and XII.
 Caste and prescribed income certificates are essential for it.

List of Higher Secondary/Intermediate Colleges :
S.No.                         Name of School                                                          Name of  Block

      1. Govt. Girls Inter College Kasganj                                         Kasganj
      2. Govt. Higher Secondary School Bhitona                              Kasganj
      3. Shiva Inter College Kantaur                                                  Kasganj
      4. Rana Inter College Dholna                                                    Kasganj
      5. S.K.M. Inter College Kasganj                                                         Kasganj
      6. Sri Ganesh Inter College Kasganj                                         Kasganj
      7. B.A.V. Inter College Kasganj                                                          Kasganj
      8. Nagar Palika Kanya Inter College Kasganj                                     Kasganj
      9. Azad Gandhi Inter College Kasganj                                                Kasganj
      10. National Inter College Jakhera                                              Kasganj
      11. Suraj Prasad Daga S.V.M. Inter College Kasganj                           Kasganj
      12. Dropdi Devi Jaju S.Balika Inter College Kasganj                           Kasganj
      13. Manpal Singh Inter College Mahawar                                   Kasganj
      14. Kisan U.M.Vidhyalaya Rahmatpur Maafi                                      Kasganj
      15. Champa Devi U.M.Vidhyalaya N. Chinti                                       Kasganj
      16. B.R.Ambedkar U.M.Vidhyalaya Ashoknagar                      Kasganj
      17. Rekha Devi U.M.Vidhyalaya Kotara                                             Kasganj
      18. Kiran Devi U.M.Vidhyalaya Mohanpura                              Kasganj
      19. S.K.V. U.M.Vidhyalaya Bankner                                         Kasganj
      20. Bhagwan Devi Kanya Inter College Dholna                         Kasganj
      21. Rani Avanti Bai Inter College Rampur                                 Kasganj
      22. Inter Globe Kanya Inter College Kasganj                              Kasganj
      23. S.B.D. U.M.Vidhyalaya Tawalpur                                       Kasganj
      24. Chhadami Singh U.M.Vidhyalaya Bilram                                      Kasganj
      25. Higher Secondary School Patel Nagar                                   Kasganj
      26. G.R.U.M.Vidhyalaya Nagla Baale                                        Kasganj
      27. Roshanlal U.M.Vidhyalaya Himmatpur Sai                         Kasganj
      28. Roshanlal U.M.Vidhyalaya Nagla Chinti                              Kasganj
      29. Shri B.S. U.M. Vidhyalaya Kadarpur                                   Kasganj
      30. Meena Devi Inter College Nagla Bhoorh                               Kasganj
      31. K.C. Public U.M.Vidhyalaya Nagla Said                              Kasganj
      32. Janhit S.S.B.U.M.Vidhyalaya N.Amber Inayati, Kasganj    Kasganj
      33. Shri Laturi Singh Bohre U.M.Vidhyalaya Dholna                         Kasganj
      34. B.R. Panda U.M.Vidhyalaya Nagla Soomara                       Kasganj
      35. Vaidik Sanskrit Vidhyalaya Siroli                                        Kasganj
      36. Gautam Prachya U.M.Vidhyalaya Kasganj                                    Kasganj
      37. Kalyan Sanskrit U.M.Vidhyalaya Kasganj                                     Kasganj
      38. Tilak U.M.Vidhyalaya Chakeri                                             Soron
      39. Shiv Prasad H.S. School Nagla Kashi                                  Soron
      40. S.T.D.M. Inter College Soron                                                         Soron
      41. Sherwani Inter College Neoli                                                Soron
      42. Mahendra Inter College Garhi Pachgayin                             Soron
      43. Shri B.B. U.M.Vidhyalaya Nagla Khanji                              Soron
      44. D.Singh R.Singh U.M.Vidhyalaya Mahmoodpur Pukhta              Soron
      45. Km. U.Agnihotri Kanya Inter College Soron                        Soron
      46. Bhagirathi Inter College Soron                                             Soron
      47. A.K.S. Inter College Mallah Nagar Soron                                       Soron
      48. Kamla H.S. School Badariya                                                          Soron
      49. C.D. Maurya Inter College Bahadur Nagar Soron                          Soron
      50. Ch. D.R.Singh Inter College Allipur Barwara                       Soron
      51. Rama Devi U.M.Vidhyalaya Fatehpur Kalan                       Soron
      52. Maharani Inter Collge Gorha                                                          Soron
      53. Smt. Ram Shree Devi S.U.M.Vidhyalaya Salempur Bibi     Soron
      54. S.M.S. Yadav U.M.Vidhyalaya Bidhoni Badanpur              Soron
      55. Shri M.Singh O.Singh U.M.Vidhyalaya Kumaraua              Soron
      56. Shri N.Yadav U.M.Vidhyalaya Mahewa Kalan                    Soron
      57. Shri B.S.Baghel U.M.Vidhyalaya Kuwarpur                        Soron
      58. S.D. Memorial U.M.Vidhyalaya Devari Prahladpur             Soron
      59. Smt Sonkali Charan Singh U.M.Vidhyalaya Harsena          Soron
      60. S.P.S. Kanya U.M.Vidhyalaya Datlana                                Soron
      61. Maa Bhagwati H.S. School Subhash Nagar N. Ulfat            Soron
      62. Aarsh Gurkul Sanskrit Vidhyalaya Devari Prahladpur                  Soron
      63. Sarvajanik U.M.Vidhyalaya Babupur Khushkari                          Amanpur
      64. Subhash Inter College Naugaon                                            Amanpur
      65. Makkhan Lal Inter College Amanpur                                    Amanpur
      66. Anar Singh Inter College Ranamau                                                Amanpur
      67. S.V.Premi U.M.Vidhyalaya Amanpur                                  Amanpur
      68. Smt Kasturi Devi Parashar Inter College Sailai                              Amanpur
      69. S.K.S. U.M.Vidhyalaya Hajipur                                           Amanpur
      70. Smt. Mahadevi U.M.Vidhyalaya Barsonda                          Amanpur
      71. M.P.S. Inter College Nagla Muktayal                                    Amanpur
      72. Shri Balaji U.M.Vidhyalaya Bachmayi                                 Amanpur
      73. Sarv Hitkari U.M.Vidhyalaya Jaspura                                  Amanpur
      74. Fulvati Devi U.M.Vidhyalaya Nagla Gulariya                      Amanpur
      75. Maa Ganga Devi U.M.Vidhyalaya Sarsava                          Amanpur
      76. Nasir Bhatti U.M.Vidhyalaya Karsana                                 Amanpur
      77. Gyan Jyoti Kiran U.M.Vidhyalaya Sarsawa                        Amanpur
      78. Meera Devi Memorial U.M.Vidhyalaya Banupura               Amanpur
      79. Shri Madhya Nand Gurkul Vidhyalaya N. Katila                          Amanpur
      80. Chaturvedi Inter College Jahangirpur                                   Sahawar
      81. Janta U.M.Vidhyalaya Badhari Bhanupura                                   Sahawar
      82. Gandhi Inter College Sahawar                                                        Sahawar
      83. Dr. Dhaniram Nayak U.M.Vidhyalaya Sahawar                            Sahawar
      84. Ch. M.SinghYadav Inter College Sahawar                                     Sahawar
      85. M.A. Islamiyan U.M. Vidhyalaya Sahawar                                   Sahawar
      86. Smt. Suraj Kumari U.M.Vidhyalaya Nathpur                      Sahawar
      87. Murari Lal U.M.Vidhyalaya Bondar                                              Sahawar
      88. Dr. B.R.Ambedkar U.M.Vidhyalaya Rajpura                      Sahawar
      89. M.R.Sherwani U.M.Vidhyalaya Ganjdundwara                   Ganjdundwara
      90. Nagar Palika Kanya U.M.Vidhyalaya Ganjdundwara          Ganjdundwara
      91. S.S.S. Vaidik Kanya Inter College Ganjdundwara                Ganjdundwara
      92. H.N. Inter College Ganjdundwara                               Ganjdundwara
      93. Pt. Lakhan Ram U.M.Vidhyalaya Nivya                              Ganjdundwara
      94. Ameer Khusro I. U.M.Vidhyalaya Ganjdundwara      Ganjdundwara
      95. Saraswati U.M.Vidhyalaya Ganjdundwara                          Ganjdundwara
      96. Raghuveer Singh Inter College Mahmudpur               Ganjdundwara
      97. Sobaran Singh U.M.Vidhyalaya Gajaura                             Ganjdundwara
      98. R.B. U.M.Vidhyalaya N.Radhey Chiraula                            Ganjdundwara
      99. Vitaula ‘A’ Group U.M.Vidhyalaya N.Danmar                   Ganjdundwa         ra
      100. Siddharth U.M.Vidhyalaya N.Chandan                      Ganjdundwa         ra
      101. A.S. Shashtree Inter College VijayNagar Nardauli      Ganjdundwara
      102. Janta U.M.Vidhyalaya Bahrojpur                               Ganjdundwara
      103. Maa Kailashwati U.M.Vidhyalaya N.Kham               Ganjdundwara
      104. B.J. Sanskrit Vidhyalaya Nardauli                                       Ganjdundwara
      105. Govt. Girls Inter College Patiyali                                          Patiyali
      106. Govt. Higher Secondary School Bahora                               Patiyali
      107. Dayanand Inter College Thana Dariyawganj                        Patiyali
      108. Rupnarayan Lal Chitragupt U.M.Vidhyalaya Patiyali                   Patiyali
      109. Vedram Tarai Inter College Badaula                                              Patiyali
      110. S.B.R. Inter College Patiyali                                                 Patiyali
      111. R.V. Inter College Bijaura                                                     Patiyali
      112. Dr. Islam Majid Inter College Bhargain                                Patiyali
      113. S.N.S. U.M.Vidhyalaya Neotha Devnagar                                     Patiyali
      114. N.S.A.N. Inter College Bhargain                                           Patiyali
      115. Shanshi Balika U.M.Vidhyalaya Badaula                                      Patiyali
      116. Munni Devi Rajkumar Singh U.M.Vidhyalaya Rampura     Patiyali
      117. S.M.S.G. U.M.Vidhyalaya Majhola                                               Patiyali
      118. Dhara Singh U.M.Vidhyalaya Bijaura                                  Patiyali
      119. Akhilesh Yadav U.M.Vidhyalaya Gourha                                     Patiyali
      120. R.B.K. U.M.Vidhyalaya Bhargain                                        Patiyali
      121. Faujdar Singh U.M.Vidhyalaya N.Bamiya                                     Patiyali
      122. P.R. Inter College Sidhpur                                                    Sidhpur
      123. S.G.V.M. Inter College Fatehpur                                          Sidhpur
      124. Ganga Ji Maharani Inter College Sidhpur                                      Sidhpur
      125. K. Raghuveer Singh Inter College Pithanpur                        Sidhpur
      126. Bhikam Singh Inter College Ballarpur                                  Sidhpur
      127. K.C. Adarsh Inter College Sidhpur                                       Sidhpur
      128. Shree Anokhelal Arya U.M.Vidhyalaya Nathpur                          Sidhpur
      129. Maharani Avanti Bai U.M.Vidhyalaya Sarawal                             Sidhpur
      130. Nehru Smarak U.M.Vidhyalaya Karampur                                   Sidhpur
      131. Shri Gandhi K.Inter College Sidhpur                                             Sidhpur
      132. Shri Shankar Singh U.M.Vidhyalaya Sidhpur                      Sidhpur
      133. Chintamani Shrotri U.M.Vidhyalaya Mohanpura                          Sidhpur
      134. Sonpal Singh U.M.Vidhyalaya Alampur                              Sidhpur
      135. Smt. Chameli Devi Inter College Sunahra                                      Sidhpur
      136. Rajrani Inter College Bahoranpura                                       Sidhpur
      137. Vedwati Inter College Bilauti                                                         Sidhpur
      138. Pandit Dharamjeet Mishra U.M.Vidhyalaya Singhpur                   Sidhpur
      139. Kehri Singh U.M.Vidhyalaya Magthara                               Sidhpur
      140. Shri Pyare Lal U.M.Vidhyalaya KhiriyaPatti                       Sidhpur
      141. Shri Malikhan Singh U.M.Vidhyalaya N. Mahajeet             Sidhpur
      142. Tayyabpur Vidhyapith Tayyabpur Sidhpur                                 Sidhpur

List of Degree College /Training Institutes :
S.No.                 Name of College/Institute                                              Block

  1. Ganjdundwara P.G. College Ganjdundwara                   Ganjdundwara
  2. Dr. Islam Majeed Degree College Bhargain                     Patiyali
  3. Dr. Islam Majeed T.T. College Bhargain                         Patiyali
  4. Ch. Shri Ram Yadav Degree College Patiyali                           Patiyali
  5. Hajjan Sadika Begam Degree College Bhargain              Patiyali
  6. K.C. Adarsh Degree College Sidhpur                             Sidhpur
  7. Shri S.S. Degree College Vikas Nagar Sidhpur               Sidhpur
  8. Shri P.L. Degree College Khiriya Patti                                     Sidhpur
  9. Shri C.R. Singh Degree College Sirsaul Mohanpur                  Sidhpur
  10. Shri Balaji I.T.I. Bachhmai Amanpur                                       Amanpur
  11. Sir M.U. Degree College Sahawar                                   Sahawar
  12. Dr. R. Siddhartha Degree College Sahawar                    Sahawar
  13. Govt. Polytechnic Soron                                                 Soron
  14. Smt. Genda Devi Degree College Allipur Barwara                   Soron
  15. Ch. R.P. Yadav Degree College Badariya                       Soron
  16. Govt. Degree College Naurtha                                        Soron
  17. Smt. S.D. Johri P.G. College Kasganj                                       Kasganj
  18. K.A. P.G. College Kasganj                                              Kasganj
  19. Govt. I.T.I . Kasganj                                                       Kasganj
  20. Dr. R.M. Lohiya Degree College Dholna                        Kasganj
  21. Dansahaya Memorial College Rampur                                     Kasganj
  22. M.R. Degree College Mamarhi                                        Kasganj
  23. V.K. Jain College of Education Kasganj                         Kasganj
  24. V.K. Jain Institute of Management Kasganj                             Kasganj
  25. S.S. Institute of Tech. and Management Kasganj            Kasganj
  1. Sunil Kumar

D.I.O.S.  Kanshiram Nagar
Mob. 9412594943

  1. Rajesh Kumar Yadav

Principal Govt. H.S. Bhitona  Kanshiram Nagar
Mob. 9412181588

District Magistrate :Mrs Selva Kumari J(I.A.S) Phone 05744-247482,(Camp Off/Res),247483(Office) Fax- Email :- dm-krn@nic.in
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